Free Infusion Pump Trade-In Appraisal

We will evaluate your used iv pumps and give you its current market value. This will aid in your decision to accept a trade-in offer from the original equipment manufacturer or sell the pump outright. If you choose to sell, we will purchase your iv pumps at its true value with a bank certified check.

Recycling. It’s the Right Thing to do.


Technology has certainly revolutionized the medical industry but the brisk pace of technology means that equipment becomes quickly obsolete. Old equipment is discarded for newer technologies and our environment suffers as a result.

At I.V. Technologies, our reputation for extending the life of medical equipment is well known in the industry. We have been committed to environmental concerns long before it became a major concern.

Each year we recycle approximately two tons of lead acid and NiCad batteries.


We also rebuild and resell over 2,000 infusion pumps – keeping over 18 tons of equipment out of our landfills and water supplies. Usable parts, no longer being supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, is salvaged and re-certified to industry specifications. As a result, hospitals are not forced to discard used equipment in favor of newer technology.

Our commitment has prevented thousands of potentially harmful products from polluting our environment. This is one priority we will carry on long into the future. It is the right thing to do.